Microdosing: the people taking LSD with their breakfast

At 28, he is living with quite severe mental health problems – “depression and anxiety as a result of childhood trauma, that led to borderline personality disorder and PTSD”. He says the prescription medication he has been given results in more side-effects than benefits. “I’ve found that these substances, psychedelics, give me the benefits without any of those drawbacks. Me using these substances means I’ve been able to view my trauma so that it’s just an experience, a memory like any other.”​

Dr James Fadiman, who has been researching psychedelics since the 1960s, runs a website on microdosing where he asks people to report back to him about their experiences. He says more than 900 people have responded so far. “The most consistent result is people saying, ‘My life seems to be working better.’ [They are] more effective, their sleeping habits improve, their eating habits improve, they feel better in social situations.” “Anna”, who lives in the UK, says she has tried microdosing in the past, both with LSD and more recently with magic mushrooms picked from the hills near where she lives with her two children. She says the experience wasn’t very dramatic, but on the days she microdosed she felt more productive. “It’s just like having a slightly better quality of life.

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Microdosing: The people taking LSD with their breakfast
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