Green gold: corporate titans are betting big on cannabis beer, wine, and cocktails

“I think millennials and pretty much all drinkers are going to be excited to try beer with cannabis,” the former Molson-Coors executive says.

“What we’re going to offer is going to give a shot in arm to the beer industry,” says Villa, whose new label, Ceria, is expected to launch later this year, offering three different styles of brew: a light American-style lager, a medium-bodied Belgian white, and a heavier India Pale Ale, all infused with various levels of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana … “We’re not talking about adding THC to vodka or gin,” [Canopy Growth spokesperson Jordan Sinclair] says. “We’re talking about creating a new category of product where the primary ingredient is cannabinoids rather than alcohol.”

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Green Gold: Corporate Titans Are Betting Big on Cannabis Beer, Wine, and Cocktails
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