People are finally building a DMT/alien contact device

“Contact has been made,” says Arenberg. “We’ve found life.” After all, it took special instruments to prove that radio waves and bacteria are real.”

“People have been trying to contact aliens for a while now. Egon Arenberg, a web marketer from South Florida, seems an unlikely guy to have nailed it. But he’s one of a handful of people who thinks he’s found a way to do just that — with a brand-new machine. Only, his machine’s key component isn’t nuts or bolts, antennae or telescopes. It’s DMT. To be clear, Arenberg isn’t currently building this machine. But he’s created a nonprofit, Noonautics, to start networking with people who can contribute knowledge and resources to this project and others like it, while staying within the law. “This is like NASA,” Arenberg says. “This is a launch pad to find new kinds of life. This is the new frontier.”

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People are Finally Building a DMT/Alien Contact Device
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