…ditch modern medicine for a microdose of magic mushrooms?

“I compare taking LSD to being a good rider of a powerful horse,” says [Amanda] Feilding. “In the right, carefully controlled, setting and with the right intention, you could use the psychedelic to achieve whatever you want.

[On micro-dosing] “My current hypothesis is that it basically changes your brain in the same way as a full dose but to a much reduced extent. So instead of really shaking your brain’s control system, you’re just slightly nudging it. It’s like a psycho-vitamin,” she says. “In my case back in the 60s, it was enhancing cognitive function and well-being and vitality, but we don’t yet know what the real potential is. I thought then and I still think now that’s an amazing ability for humanity.”

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Should you ditch modern medicine for a microdose of magic mushrooms?
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