…Couple wants to make it legal to use psychedelic mushrooms in Oregon

It might sound out there, but then again, several years ago, so did the idea that you might walk into a store and buy cannabis products.

Tom Eckert said they believed that a legalized path to use of psychedelic mushrooms could help people struggling with depression, anxiety, alcoholism and addiction to nicotine. “The initiative attempts to reflect evolving best practice standards in relation to safety and effectiveness as established by scientific research at top universities,” Tom Eckert said in a follow-up email. But they didn’t want to stop with therapeutic uses for medical concerns. For people over 21 who pass a screening, “psilocybin services might also be accessed for personal development,” Tom said, “to enhance a general sense of well-being, openness and creativity, and spiritual connectedness.” “As therapists, we know that personality doesn’t change easily,” he said. “Where typical pharma-type interventions fall short, psilocybin is really breaking through with pretty amazing frequency.” “It’s the experience that creates change in people,” Tom said.

Original Article (Oregon Live):
This couple wants to make it legal to use psychedelic mushrooms in Oregon
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