‘Magic mushrooms’ study challenges stereotypes of psychedelic drug use

“[Our goal was to bring] an unknown topic to most people on campus and the Madison community,” Hanley said. “But it also highlights this really unique research happening on campus.”

Wisconsin Union Directorate Society and Politics Committee hosted the event in collaboration with Nicholas Cozzi, a pharmacologist in the School of Medicine and Public Health. Mazdak Bradberry, an MD, PhD candidate at UW, said the experience was unique in how personal and inwardly focused it was. He said it was not just the drug itself, but the psilocybin accompanied by the counseling, that made the experience so profound. “It’s never the medicine itself, it is the medicine in the context of outstanding guidance that is full of wisdom,” Bradberry said. “So much of this I can’t parse out what was psilocybin or just part of the sessions.”

Original Article (The Badger Herald):
Magic Mushrooms study challenges stereotypes of psychedelic drug use
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