[…synthetic psilocybin nose-spray]

Michael Hartman… has developed extensive metered-dose inhaler IP in the pharmaceutical world… before developing his pressurized (using 134A Freon) metered-dose inhaler IP (patent pending) through his company… [He states he] is keenly familiar with the fears that many have with using plant-based medicine.

[His team is dedicated to] strive to have products in place that can quickly go to market when the first state (Oregon in 2020[?]) has a cannabis-like medical system [for synthetic psilocybin]. [Recently, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, nicknamed the anaesthetic in the garb of a propellant, [134A Freon] has been subject to use restrictions due to its contribution to climate change. It has a global warming potential of 1300.]

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Provisional application for patent filed July 2019
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