The whole fungus : history ought not to repeat.

South America 1599 – Marching inland, [Governer of Santa Marta] Juan Guiral Velon attempted to vanquish an entire civilization [Tairona]. In the midst of the carnage, the Spaniards never forgot their ultimate mission. 

United States 2018 – Jeff Sessions Drug War “Power Grab” Bill, SITSA, if passes, would give him have unchecked power to ban drugs [and plants] and apply harsh penalties at his whim, with no oversight and no basis in health or science.

“If every citizen who is arrested in the War on Drugs insisted on a jury trial, this war would come to a screeching halt. Judges and politicians might decry this as anarchy, but our wise old Founding Fathers would call it by another name: Democracy.

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Magic mushrooms… entourage effect
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