Labour peer Charles Falconer apologises over war on drugs

In an open letter, Lord Falconer, who served in a number of other cabinet roles under Tony Blair, said he now realised drug prohibition had been a “tragic disaster” for the poor in Britain and across the world.

The former lord chancellor Charles Falconer has apologised for his role in the war on drugs, as a group of leading politicians from across the world called for the legalisation and regulation of the drugs trade … “We need to admit that we abandoned whole generations to the scourge of drug addiction. We need to confront our political failures and listen to those police chiefs pushing for saner policies. Above all, we need to take back control of drug supply from the most violent gangsters. And it needs to be done sooner rather than later.”  Legalising and regulating drugs, the report argued, could reverse the “iron law of prohibition”, whereby the harder a ban was enforced, the stronger forms the banned substances take as a result of a need to avoid detection.

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Labour peer Charles Falconer apologises over war on drugs
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