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[He] has not been charged or arrested. By the time [DEA] agents walked out of [the] apartment, they’d taken 906 live psychedelic mushrooms, 20.42 ounces of dried mushrooms … “Remember to use psilocybin safely and responsibly,” says Kevin Matthews, who led the campaign to get Initiative 301 passed by Denver voters. “And responsibly includes staying within the framework of 301, which does not include distribution and sales.”

What was seized is now being used in a federal court case against [him] in what appears to be the first major mushroom-related criminal proceeding in Denver since the city’s residents voted in May to decriminalize personal possession, growth and consumption of psychedelic mushrooms. The ballot initiative they approved did not decriminalize dealing, nor did it prohibit state and federal law enforcement agencies from enforcing laws related to psilocybin, which the federal government classifies as a Schedule I drug.

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DEA Tracks Down Alleged Denver Mushroom Dealer Using News Articles
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