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“Someone’s not getting the primary memo: left to ugly influences such as [pure, unbridled] capitalism & market forces, our sacred medicines will all be assimilated and desacralized by Pharma—which has an almost perfect track record of choosing profits over people & planet.” -An ECfES Board Member 

Whereas, in August of 2018, Newsweek Reports the FDA approves psychedelic magic mushrooms ingredient psilocybin for depression trial by a [for-profit] Company, Compass Pathways. 

We reflect that, “In studies of science we have long known that power has an essential role in the foundation of science, and this idea isn’t novel, the interesting bit of information that I add to this pyramid is the identity of the mediators which propel psychedelic science today as a petri-dish for science at large.”

Whereas, Genetic Engineering and Bio-Technology News Bulletin states, “Although psilocybin has long been regarded with suspicion by law enforcement, it has been coming clean on the bio-synthetic front.” 

We report on important perspectives, “I maintain that those actors which hold power today are psychiatric illness, an alienating and illustrious technological instrumentality, and the tech industry that is used to translate our scientific results. To the extent that social order distorts a clear perception of the natural order, the natural order will be difficult to establish with certainty.”

Whereas, Compass Pathways publishes,  Chief Medical Officer at Bristol Meyers Squibb and Head of R&D at Merck Serono… former Company Group Chairman at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals…  “we have decided to adopt a sustainable business model, in which we generate a reasonable profit to support and incentivise innovation … as a private sector business, and based on our R&D investments, we will continue to receive these incentives… “

We reflect that, “On the one hand, psychedelic drugs are substances which can bridge the gap between science and spirituality because they act as a material vector for spiritual experience. In psychedelic science, the hard science’s search rate is slow and as a result, the depth of its analysis is precise but shallow in a body of knowledge which is deep.”

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Magic mushrooms… entourage effect
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