Psychedelic decrim bill passes in California senate

[These removed California psychedelic decriminalization SB 519 sections] would have had a major impact on getting people out of jail for the possession of drugs that look to be on the verge of decriminalization. We’ve seen a lot of family reunification stories in cannabis over the past few years – it will be nice to see the trend move on to psychedelic offenders serving a victimless crime…

…it would have been pretty cool to see key parts of [SB 519] Section 11356.8 make the cut. “A person currently serving a sentence for a conviction, whether by trial or by open or negotiated plea, who would not have been guilty under Section 11350.1 [The bill would also provide for the dismissal and sealing of pending and prior convictions for offenses that would be made lawful by the passage of this bill, as specified. The bill would require the Department of Justice to identify those records and provide them to local jurisdictions to initiate the required proceedings] or 11402 [Aid to families with dependent children-foster care] had those sections been in effect at the time of the offense may petition for a recall or dismissal of sentence before the trial court that entered the judgment of conviction in the case to request resentencing or dismissal in accordance with those sections.”

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Psychedelic decrim bill passes in California senate
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