Sackler family empire [& 160 financial trusts, 170+ companies] … immunity from opioid lawsuits

Appearing before a congressional panel… December [2020], members of the Sackler family said they had done nothing wrong. “The family and the board acted legally and ethically,” testified David Sackler, who served on Purdue Pharma’s board for six years.

This development brings members of the Sackler family, some of whom own Purdue Pharma and served on the company’s board of directors, a step closer to winning immunity from future opioid lawsuits… that immunity would extend to dozens of family members, more than 160 financial trusts, and at least 170 companies, consultants and other entities associated with the Sacklers.

Original Article (CSPR):
Sackler family empire poised to win immunity from opioid lawsuits
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