Beitzel to continue work on establishing drug treatment program [with iboga]

*iboga activist Dana Beal in 1994

Del. Wendell Beitzel (R-District 1A) wants to continue efforts to establish an ibogaine treatment pilot program in Maryland. “We’re dealing with an extreme opiate addiction problem,” Beitzel said during his and Sen. George Edwards’ recent pre-legislative meeting at Garrett College. “I think it’s a problem that’s probably touched just about every family.”

He introduced a bill on the subject during last year’s General Assembly. He explained that ibogaine comes from the bark of an African tree. The substance is used as a tool to treat people with addictions, he said. “We have some local indications that it is very effective,” Beitzel said. “In fact, a person who was born and raised here is now down in Mexico running an ibogaine clinic, treating people for opiate addictions. He went there himself and was treated.” Beitzel’s House Bill 1372 would have required the state to conduct a controlled scientific clinical study to test the effectiveness of ibogaine. “The problem is it’s a federal Schedule 1 substance, like marijuana,” the delegate said about getting approval for a study. HB 1372 was assigned to the House Health and Government Operations Committee. “The bill didn’t go anywhere,” Beitzel said. “So, we’re thinking about looking at it again.”

From the Article (WV News):
Beitzel to continue work on establishing drug treatment program
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