Texas cops let handcuffed man on LSD pound his head 50 times before dying

…and then tried to prevent the man’s parents from finding out what happened … The Dallas County District Attorney … found sufficient evidence to file criminally negligent homicide charges against Mesquite officers for shocking Dyer in the testicles and failing to restrain the disoriented man — but the three-year statute of limitations had already passed.​

Witnesses reported seeing Dyer ramming his head into a building earlier, and a friend told police the young man was experiencing a negative reaction after taking psychedelic drugs. Dyer was handcuffed and loaded into the back of a police car, where he continued pounding his head into any available surface 19 times. Halfway to the jail, police said they pulled over and tried to calm Dyer down — and one officer shocked him on the testicles with a Taser. The police continued driving Dyer to jail, without a medical observation and without using additional restraints — and he banged his head against the patrol car’s interior another 27 times. Offices unloaded Dyer — his hands cuffed and his legs bound — onto the floor at the city jail, where they then watched him bang his head against a concrete pad. Despite watching Dyer pound his head about 50 times while in their custody, police didn’t alert jail staff or call for a medical evaluation at the jail. A guard noticed Dyer unresponsive in his cell about two hours later, and he died the following day at a Dallas hospital.

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Texas cops let handcuffed man on LSD pound his head 50 times before dying
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