[Psychedelic] patents may limit access

Given promising clinical-trial results, many stakeholders are attempting to patent psychedelic compounds and methods of producing and administering them… the sudden interest in patenting psychedelics has prompted criticism from stakeholders, including patient advocates, scientists, journalists, lawyers and Indigenous communities…

Weak psychedelic patents could potentially be invalidated in court, but that does not make them harmless, because patent holders can still wield them offensively. Defending against patent-infringement claims is expensive, and the prospect discourages action by smaller startups and non-profit research organizations, even when they are in the right… nevertheless, the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has issued psychedelic patents of questionable validity… many who might benefit from psychedelics may be on Medicaid, and even if private insurers begin coverage, many patients will be unable to access these therapies. Coverage should therefore be central to policy-reform efforts in federal and state [and city] governments, or the liberalization of psychedelics may leave those most in need without access.

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Patents may limit access
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