“We’ve declared war on our own population”… veteran… political revolution and natural human rights

Thich Nhat Hanh quote… says that those who have been touched by war are the “tip of the candle” and best equipped to bring peace…

Absolutely. Our government was originally conceived of simply to ensure the natural rights of its citizens- the personal freedoms, individual liberties, and natural human rights that we are all born with. We’ve gone far, far astray from that… and we’ve even declared war on our own population with the War on Drugs. Trump calls President of China ‘King’, calls for death penalty for drug dealers Trump called foreign leaders like President Vladimir Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping of China “smart”, referring to Jinping’s decree of being “president for life.” “I call him ‘King.'” Trump says. Trump went on to lament the spread of fentanyl in China, saying that America should execute drug dealers. This mindset, this perpetual war is leading to all kinds of ugly consequences for this nation. Local police stations have MRAP’s (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected military vehicles), and I don’t know too many local police forces that really need a mine-resistant vehicle. We’re setting them up to literally be the enemy. There’s a reason you keep the police forces and the military separate, because if you militarize the police they are going to end up thinking of the people they are meant to protect as the enemy. And that’s where were at as a nation… I see some very disturbing things in our country right now. Some people are literally advocating for some kind of revolution. I’ve seen what that does, and I don’t want blood running in my neighborhood streets. I don’t want that for my children or my family. I don’t want mass killings, deaths, rapes – these are all the results of war, and it doesn’t matter how sanitized you make it, they are all still there. People are literally asking for that, and I would much rather avoid it at all costs. I understand what it does to a nation, and it would literally bring us to our knees and destroy almost everything that we’ve worked so hard to create for hundreds of years now. We have provided by far the best life for our citizens that has ever been provided for any citizen of any country in all of history. We are incredibly sheltered. Nobody calling for war really knows or understands that war does these things: war is brutal, hard and ugly. That’s the only reason that people would be asking for it.

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“We’ve declared war on our own population”: Veteran Matthew Kahl on political revolution and natural human rights & Trump says ‘America is going to hell’, alludes to 2024 run for presidency at PA rally
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