The magical world of psychedelics… [&] quick overview of the state of… armed patents…

As psilocybin was isolated from the Psilocybe mexicana mushroom in 1957 and is a known compound, it lacks novelty… for being patentable, an invention must be “new” and “inventive”. Since most common psychedelics are known for many years, it is not possible to patent these existing substances (i.e. lack of novelty).

The interest in psychedelics is increasing and it looks like this field is poised to grow, following the path of cannabis legalization in Canada, many U.S. states and other jurisdictions. There is a rapidly increasing number of patents being filed for psychedelics… it is clear that biotech companies have taken notice of the potential for gaining profits by keeping competitors out of the… market through obtaining patents.

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Quick overview of the state of patents for psychedelics &
Patents & the magical world of psychedelics & Armed with two patents… plans to transform psychedelic drug delivery
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