Seeking psychedelics? Check the data privacy clause

Angela Allbee’s acknowledgement that mandatory data collection, including collecting deidentified data, was impossible without passing a new law… Mason Marks [who] teaches drug law, constitutional law, and administrative law [and] served on the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board where he chaired its Licensing Subcommittee… received a batch of emails from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) in response to a public records request. The emails reveal close collaboration between the state agency, lobbyists from the Healing Advocacy Fund (HAF), and members of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board. This group has been working covertly… [to ensure] data collection from clients in Oregon’s nascent psilocybin program… [is gathered]…

“I think it’s really concerning,” said Holly Fernandez Lynch, assistant professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania. “I mean, why would you give your information about taking a federally prohibited substance to the government?” she asked. An August 3, 2022 message from New Approach’s [PAC] Jack Dempsey to the OHA’s Angela Albee confirms their meeting to discuss data collection… [now arguably consolidated into Sen. Elizabeth Steiner’s SB 302]… during three live comment sessions… the public expressed concerns over forcing clients to agree to share deidentified data. Prema Sagara… calling… deidentified data rule “one of the most unjust and one of the most shady.” The disclosed OHA emails reveal a close working relationship between the agency, lobbysists at the Healing Advocacy Fund, and members of the Psilocybin Advisory Board. Until now, their collaboration on mandatory data collection and analysis had been hidden from public view [and against the will of the voters who voted in support of 109, has arguably been reintroduced as SB 302]… Todd Korthius of OSHU (Oregon Health and Science University) [and] the secret web of relationships behind the “OPEN Project” [and SB 302] may cast existing concerns in a new light. Sam Chapman of Healing Advocacy Fund writes, “collecting this type of information is frequently done by the Oregon Health Authority and is standard across the healthcare industry. The information gathered will be publicly available to all researchers…”

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Oregon psilocybin emails show secret data collection plans & Seeking psychedelics? Check the data privacy clause & SB 303: Making Oregon’s psilocybin therapy program better over time & Oregon psilocybin emails show secret data collection plans
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