Mother of boy whose cannabis oil was seized [in Great Britain] pushes for legalisation

The mother of a boy with severe epilepsy has called for a meeting with the home and health secretaries to talk about making medical cannabis legal for children who have similar conditions to her son.​ Charlotte Caldwell said it was “absolutely horrific” and “cruel” that 12-year-old Billy had been refused cannabis oil after Home Office officials confiscated a six-month supply.

Caldwell said: “I want to meet the home secretary and health secretary, urgently, this week, to get assurance that not only will Billy’s meds never again be removed, but to call for an urgent review of the overall policy on medical cannabis as it affects everyone who could benefit.” THC is illegal in the UK but available for use medicinally elsewhere, including much of the US, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Caldwell claimed Britain’s drug policy was “stuck in the 1970s”. She credits the oil with keeping her son seizure-free for more than 300 days. Billy’s most recent supply, which came from Canada, was confiscated when he and his mother arrived at Heathrow airport from Toronto. After Billy suffered “life-threatening” seizures without access to his supply, Javid issued a special licence to provide him with treatment. The oil was administered under a 20-day licence and is not allowed to be taken home. A spokeswoman for the Home Office said it was an “exceptional licence” for a “short-term emergency” and it would need to be reviewed.

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Mother of boy whose cannabis oil was seized pushes for legalisation
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