Ayelet Waldman: LSD micro-dosing saved my sanity and marriage

“As a former federal public defender and drug law reform advocate — and as a someone who has struggled for years to find relief from debilitating mood swings — Waldman argues that U.S. prohibitions on psychedelics should be lifted so that people can have access to potentially life-saving relief from depression, PTSD and addiction.”

Most important for Waldman, her experimental use of this illegal psychedelic gave her something she had been desperately seeking for months: relief from a crippling depression that had left her feeling suicidal. “For the first time in so long, I feel happy,” she says. “Not giddy or out of control, just at ease with myself and the world.”… Waldman says while she never used drugs recreationally, she was open to the idea of skirting the law to ingest a potentially therapeutic substance. She had found relief from shoulder pain through medical cannabis, and she and Chabon [husband] used Ecstasy several times to enhance communication during couples therapy. But, given LSD’s reputation, she feared having a bad trip — or of getting arrested and investigated by child protective services…Her kids told her she seemed “happier, more chill” while her husband says she was able to more quickly “reset” her mood in times of conflict….Waldman acknowledges that the LSD didn’t make her feel 100 percent better, and the initial euphoria from the first day dissipated. If nothing else, the micro-dosing lifted her out of her suicidal despair long enough to help her realize that life, in fact, could get better…That reset, in and of itself, could have been all she needed to move forward. Certainly, she hasn’t been back to that very dark place since, a respite that has helped save her marriage. “We were at the brink of disaster,” she says…Unfortunately, she says, she’s not on LSD anymore — because her secret supply ran out, and she doesn’t know where to buy more. But she’d go back on it in a heartbeat if she could…“Hopefully, they’ll decriminalize it and do a micro-dosing study, and I can keep taking it,” she says.

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Ayelet Waldman: LSD micro-dosing saved my sanity and marriage
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