Militarized psychiatry vs plant [and fungi]

…important revelation can be found in DARPA’s report. On one hand they admit the therapeutic value of psychedelic substances, and on the other, they dismiss it due to the “side effects” they call “hallucination.”

Reinventing the medicine wheel is not an attempt to revolutionize medicine, since the revolution has already happened in a prehistoric distant past. Most likely, it is about market shares and a desire to get deeper inside our minds. One way to look at why DARPA speaks unfavorably about psilocybin treatment of soldiers is that by taking psilocybin, a soldier might suddenly realize that being a soldier and being ready to die for a paycheck and make a living by killing is not the best way to spend his life. The prospect that soldiers may quit as an “undesirable” effect of psilocybin treatment is perhaps the sole reason that DARPA rejects making it available for them. The same is true for civilians who, after a psychedelic experience, suddenly realize that they were not doing what they wanted in life.

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Militarized psychiatry vs plant medicine
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