A startup that wants to use [patented, synthetic & non-visionary] psychedelics to treat addiction

A new company… just raised $6.2 million to try to make psychedelics without their characteristic hallucinogenic qualities, so that the compounds can be used in medicines for diseases like addiction.

Based in the US and Canada, MindMed’s team of 11 is scattered across Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. The company’s first goal is getting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for a drug candidate inspired by the psychedelic West African drug ibogaine.  MindMed’s compound, called 18-MC, was developed to remove ibogaine’s hallucinogenic properties…

Original Article (The Fix):
A startup that wants to use psychedelics to treat addiction just raised $6.2 million from the host of Shark Tank and the architect behind the world’s biggest cannabis grower
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