It sounds like Jeff Sessions is planning on locking a lot of people up

“The ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system…” is an interesting phrase to toss in there considering that Jeff Sessions has already has committed himself to restarting the drug war.

The Bureau of Prisons has the stated goal of “increasing population levels in private contract facilities,” according to a memorandum sent by the agency’s Assistant Director for Correctional Programs Division Frank Lara on Wednesday (Jan 31st, 2018) and obtained by Government Executive. The memo follows guidance from [the current attorney general] last year that reversed an Obama administration policy to phase out the use of private prisons. In 2016, former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates issued a memo instructing the bureau to either end private facility contracts when their terms expired or “substantially reduce [their] scope” to correspond with declining inmate populations. [The current attorney general] said in February 2017 that Yates’ decision “changed long-standing policy” of the bureau and impaired its “ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.”

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It Sounds Like Jeff Sessions Is Planning on Locking a Lot of People Up
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