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[Sen. Elizabeth Steiner is] seeking to enact legislation to require data collection [through an addition to Measure 109 called SB 303]. I do not know enough to comment on certain details, but on the whole, I share Mason [Marks] discomfort… even if data is “de-identified” or anonymized. As Mason points out, de-identified data still poses risks “because one’s identity can be reattached.”

[Suggestion]: don’t force people who want to use a state-legal-federally-illegal service to turn over their data to some kind of central repository… the people of Oregon enacted a ballot measure to provide state services, not to surrender themselves as human guinea pigs for the state… the justification offered for it by the individuals who directed the ballot measure is astounding. Apparently, in Oregon, you being a data point to help assess the performance of a… program is more important than protecting you from law enforcement consequences. What appears to be unfolding in Oregon is another instance of an emerging trend in psychedelics. I call it “psychedelics as a value” or “psychedelics for psychedelics’ sake”: when promoting psychedelics becomes a core value, an end in itself. To me… core values are things like truth, liberty, freedom, democracy, honesty, integrity, safety, etc. “Psychedelics as a value,” however, is the notion that psychedelics and promoting psychedelics ought to be in that list and the belief that promoting psychedelics is worth the cost of compromising on other core values. Generally speaking, this is not something I subscribe to.

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