Indiana nurse faces ten years in prison for microdosing… mushrooms

Thornton’s situation is symbolic of the crossroads that characterizes the contemporary psychedelic landscape in the United States. In Michigan, right next door to Indiana where Thornton lives, three cities have decriminalized psychedelics for personal use… her experimentation with psilocybin has come at an inconceivable cost. On August 1st [2022], she will appear in court and may be sentenced to up to ten years in prison… the ramifications of these charges run deep. Besides potential jail time and job loss, Thornton is particularly haunted by the threat of being separated from her children and missing out on seeing them grow up.

“I decided to grow psilocybin because I didn’t know how else to obtain it,” says Thornton. “…I sure wasn’t going to go looking anywhere to purchase it – I didn’t want to get in trouble…” Police confronted her at her Indiana home after a tip-off that she was cultivating a scheduled substance. “The cops busted my door down, and all pointed their guns at me. You would have thought I had committed a murder,” reflects Thornton, who was charged with two felonies – dealing a scheduled substance and child endangerment. Even though Thornton was not selling magic mushrooms, the law in Indiana requires anyone apprehended with more than 28 grams of fresh or dry mushrooms be charged with a felony for intent to sell. Because she was growing her own fresh mushrooms, the quantity she was apprehended with was over this limit.

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Indiana nurse faces ten years in prison for microdosing psilocybin mushrooms
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