Why I take LSD at work, a true story

“Enter the microdose: A tiny fraction of a dose of LSD, which simultaneously releases serotonin and makes the receptor sites more available for activation.”

I had discovered something way more valuable—a tiny little trick for kickstarting my creative drive. One that didn’t leave me hungover the next day, but going strong with an afterglow. After a lifetime of chasing the big trip, I had discovered the best trip of all was maybe a teeny tiny one—one so small that you couldn’t really tell the difference between the trip and just another really great day…And that’s the most interesting takeaway from this whole microdosing experiment. As I continue to taper both the frequency and dosage, I’m getting to the point where I’ve seemingly rewired my brain—that’s my hypothesis shared by LSD microdosing proponents such as James Fadiman—and perhaps programmed my subconscious around a set of consciously decided habits and traits…For a performance junkie, that’s a hell of a trick, and has me continuing to sing the praises of microdosing even as I do it less and less. But as the dosage gets down to the absurdly small—1 or 2 micrograms—that’s when it starts to get really interesting. Because that suggests that all of us, even you, might be just a tiny neurological paradigm shift away from your best. day. ever.

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Why I take LSD at work, a true story
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