Indicted Insys executives face October 2018 trial

Accused of bribing doctors to prescribe a spray version of the opioid fentanyl intended to treat cancer pain, often to patients without cancer…

Subsys is meant to provide pain relief to cancer patients who are going through particularly excruciating pain episodes. It’s reserved for these neediest of patients due to its potency and addictive qualities. But federal prosecutors allege that Babich and his co-conspirators doled out kickbacks to doctors who prescribed the drug even to non-cancer patients, and even set up a special “reimbursement unit” to sway insurance companies and pharmacy benefits managers to provide coverage for these non-authorized uses.

Original Article (Law360 & Fortune):
Indicted Insys Execs Face October 2018 Trial and Insys Execs Charged with Bribing Doctors
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