Ex-Cop who went undercover as drug user: ‘Policing drugs is completely futile’

“It was because of me that organized crime was getting nasty. I was developing the tactics.” … “I used to risk my life doing the work because I used to believe I was doing good,” said Woods. “Now I realize everything I did only caused harm.” The former police officer was a pioneer in his field, helping shape tactics on how to infiltrate drug dealers.

Neil Woods spent over a decade “fighting” drugs, perfecting the art of posing as a drug addict—but he now says that it was all for naught … “I put dealers in prison for over 1,000 years and I only disrupted the heroin supply for two hours. Policing can’t affect the demand so policing drugs is completely futile,” he said. “More people die and it gets more violent.”

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Ex-Cop Who Went Undercover As Drug User: ‘Policing Drugs Is Completely Futile
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