The new ‘Psychoactive substances Bill’ – the nail in the coffin for cognitive liberty…

“Under the [adopted] legislation, substances are… banned solely on the basis of whether or not they are psychoactive: regardless of any research or understanding of the potential harms or benefits of a given substance.”

This legislation is tantamount to a prescription of approved psychological states: working, consuming, [producing]… the “legitimacy” of given substances has nothing to do with harmfulness to individual users, but compatibility with current social norms and economic needs. (For this patent application, the search examiner did already identify academic papers on psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy, among them papers from [British] Imperial College London in 2016 and 2018.  Compass’s application is a PCT application, which stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty. 153 countries around the world have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and filing it this way allows an applicant to file a single application in all of the countries that are signatories.)

Original Article (Cognitive Liberty UK & Vice):
The new ‘psychoactive Substances Bill’ – the nail in the coffin for cognitive liberty in britain & Can a company patent the basic components of psychedelic therapy?
Artwork Fair Use: David Teniers the Younger 


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