Reggae legend Peter Tosh’s murder was just the start of his family’s troubles

She maintains that Jawara sees it as his duty to share his father’s message of equal rights and justice for all. It’s also quite clear that Niambe is carrying on Peter Tosh’s legacy. Legendary singer Peter Tosh was murdered 30 years ago, and now his son is in critical condition after allegedly being attacked while serving a sentence over a marijuana bust.

Speaking about the controversy surrounding her father’s death, Niambe says: “Oftentimes my father has been compared to the likes of freedom fighters and voices for social change such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X. In spite of his sometimes unpopular opinions, my father was uncompromising in his demand and did not bend to the pressure to conform,” Niambe explained. “My father’s untimely assassination on Sept. 11, 1987, has been the subject of much speculation. I, like many others, believe that his death was the culmination of a conspiracy to silence this openly militant and outspoken critic of a corrupt worldwide, colonial, social, and political ‘shit-stem,’ as he would call it. Due to the execution-style circumstances of his death, we strongly believe his murder is another example of a revolutionary silenced by a corrupt ruling-class that has treated many, particularly blacks of African descent, unequally and unjustly. I also believe that his constant refrain that equal rights and justice are basic human rights, due to all, that cannot be silenced. People can be killed, but ideas live on forever…”

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Reggae legend Peter Tosh’s murder was just the start of his family’s troubles
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