LSD: For love or money?

“Across generations, many of those synthesising and supplying it have been motivated not by greed, but by a belief in its power to transform the world for the good. While today, placing faith in acid alone seems, at best, hopelessly naïve, there’s no denying the growing body of research showing that hallucinogenic drugs can dramatically improve people’s lives. And compared those in charge of the supply of alcohol and tobacco, the nerdy chemists and do-gooder drug dealers of the illegal acid scene seem like saints…Perhaps a legally regulated market wouldn’t be such a bad idea. “It’s something you feel compelled to share,” says The Brotherhood’s Mike Randall. “It’s a natural thing to want to help other people to get better.”

Unlike their 1960s predecessors, they didn’t think that LSD could radically change the world. But they did think they might be improving people’s lives, one trip at a time. It is not a question of ‘take this and be happy’ – more a personal journey of discovery and realisation. It is a tool for achieving better things, not a cure-all… providing something that had helped them through difficult times. That’s what made it worthwhile.” LSD is a powerful substance indeed: strong enough to make drug dealers think that they’re social workers and, in the case of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, to transform armed criminals into flower power hippies.

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LSD for Love or Money?
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