Oregon… opioid settlements

The agreement – and the prior bankruptcy plan – also does not release the Sackler family from potential future criminal liability, said Oregon’s Department of Justice… It also requires the Sackler family to make a statement of regret and allow museums and other institutions to remove the Sackler name from buildings and scholarships.

“Purdue Pharma’s original bankruptcy plan failed to achieve justice for the millions of Americans who have been victims of the Sackler’s greed,” Rosenblum said. “This family-owned company profited handsomely for decades while their conduct continued to lead to addiction and death of millions, including thousands of Oregonians. While these tragedies can never be undone, today’s settlement – which still needs court approval – is a vast improvement and results in significant benefit to all the country.” According to the announcement, the settlement keeps intact provisions of the Purdue bankruptcy plan that forces the company to be dissolved or sold by 2024 and bans the Sackler family from the opioid business and requires Purdue to publicly disclose additional records.

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Oregon gets $426 million from 2 major opioid settlements
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