On December 15 [2021], Freedom to Operate filed their post-grant review on a patent filed by COMPASS on what the company claims are proprietary, lab-made formulations of psilocybin. A week later, on December 22 [2021], FTO filed a second post-grant review of a second COMPASS patent.

Once I saw the patent info, I sent it off to a chemist to find out more about this procedure they’re using: where did it come from? And he said, this is pretty much Xeroxed out of Albert Hofmann’s book. So I thought it was worth filing some observations to the patent prosecutor in Great Britain in case they missed the fact that Albert Hofmann had actually already done this. The European Patent Office then came up with identical observations to what we filed. So COMPASS then amended and narrowed their patent from several dozen claims to just one… we filed our post-grant review… and the crystallography paper… we referenced it in our second post-grant review, which we filed a few days later… COMPASS has 90 days to answer. They may do what they’ve done with some other filings: withdraw some of their claims. When we filed those observations to the European Patent Office, they reduced their filing down to just one claim.

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