Sounding the alarm on Compass’s interference…

“While we agree that there is a need for innovation in mental health care, we firmly believe that this should be developed along existing regulatory standards with FDA oversight,” George Goldsmith, CEO and co-founder of Compass, said. “Clearly, a majority of Oregon voters think differently… well, this is a really interesting experiment. That’s what Oregon is, and being somebody who’s trained and has a worldview like I do, when I hear the word experiment, I think about data. And so I reached out to the head of psychiatry department at OHSU and said, ‘I’d love to talk.’”

David Bronner of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps alleged that Goldsmith had been reaching out to researchers at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) “in an attempt to drum up concern and mobilize opposition to implementing 109 in Oregon.” Goldsmith, CEO recently started reaching out to several psychedelic researchers at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) in an attempt to drum up concern… fifteen years ago, GW Pharma developed whole cannabis extracts of standardized CBD and THC that they touted were the only “safe” form of medical cannabis, and hired Andrea Barthwell, former Drug Czar of the ONDCP, to lobby against medical cannabis laws… Compass will be the same with psilocybin medicine and therapy… Compass makes no bones about… their intent to keep psilocybin therapy within the FDA medical pharma frame only…

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Sounding the alarm on Compass’s interference with Oregon’s psilocybin therapy program & Psychedelics are a billion-dollar business, and no one can agree who should control it
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