…Roger Stone talks cannabis legalization…

“Only long after his [President Nixon’s] presidency did he acknowledge that the War on Drugs had probably been a mistake,” Stone said. “But he only acknowledged that when I showed him the statistics.”

Stone, who remained close to Nixon after the disgraced president resigned from office midway into his second term, said his former mentor eventually admitted the War on Drugs was wrong. “I think it would be fair to say drug use is a public-health issue rather than a criminal issue,” said Stone, whose political mentor, Richard Nixon, launched the War on Drugs during his first term in office. “I’m not talking about drug kingpins who sell heroin to children. I’m talking about the non-violent act of small amounts of drugs for personal use should not send a person to prison for 15 years.” [The President] could single-handedly remove cannabis from Schedule I, a status, on par with heroin, that classifies cannabis as having no known medical value despite state laws to the contrary. “[The President] can do it at a stroke of the pen or direct the Secretary of Health to do it,” Stone said. “One man can make this decision.”

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…Roger Stone Talks Cannabis Legalization…
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