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[Tom] Eckert doesn’t believe that trying to incorporate psilocybin into existing medical and pharmaceutical models will work. To the contrary, he thinks it will zap the substance of what makes it so powerfully effective.  Eckert is strict in clarifying that OPS is not proposing a full-fledged legalization effort. Instead, he is focused on what he knows works, on what the research is confirming as effective and safe, which is a regulated sequence of intake guided by trained facilitators.

“Psilocybin works because of the experience that it gives you and how you integrate the experience afterwards, not because the drug remains in your blood stream [as is the case with most pharmaceutical drugs],” Eckert says. “This is a revolutionary approach to mental health, the idea that the substance can induce an experience that essentially tears you away from stuck states of mind, including the depressive, anxious and addictive patterns.”  With the solid research serving as foundation, [they are] hoping to seize on the unprecedented grassroots energy pulsing in progressive states like Oregon.

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Hope you’re ready for the next episode
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