Two black women helping to reclaim & encourage natural psychedelics use

“I want to model how to be a safe and responsible user without going the clinical route… for individuals who want to participate within a community-based environment, while receiving support and being safe.” -Co-founder Nicolle Greenheart (Decrim Nature Oakland)

“I’m from Chicago, so there’s a regional difference in reception of natural plant medicines compared to Oakland. Indigenous and Latinx communities have been very open and welcoming to the decriminalization of natural psychedelics. I expected resistance from the Black Church, but attendees have understood that God made these plants for healing purposes,” says community outreach and education activist, Amber Senter. “These are not drugs. These are healing plants … We just think they should never have been made illegal to begin with,” says Carlos Plazola.

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The Two Black Women Helping To Reclaim & Encourage Natural Psychedelics Use In Oakland
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