…on the leading edge of a ‘shroom boom

Long-time drug reform advocate Dana Larsen… was at the forefront of cannabis activism. “Vancouver had a convergence of activism in the 1990s,” he says. Legal cannabis activism, alongside drug user liberation groups like VANDU (Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users), helped to shift the local climate from one where bong shops were raided to one where most of the population supported, or at least tolerated, drug use. Police raids are expensive to execute, and rarely closed down stores unless charges were laid – so grey-market pot shops were able to flourish.

That neutrality extended to psychedelic stores, like Larsen’s Medicinal Mushroom Dispensary… the dispensary sells dried shrooms, mushroom microdose capsules, and liquid LSD to members… other plant-derived substances like kratom… just as physical stores and events are dedicated to the psychedelic scene, so too are digital ones. Flyers and stickers advertising online ’shroom sales are everywhere… dried mushrooms, microdose extracts, and psilocybin chocolates are all up for sale.

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Vancouver on the leading edge of a ‘shroom boom
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