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Casey Hardison is… running for president, “This is not a joke… I am not trying to be absurd. I am trying to cause transformation… you’ve imprisoned my body, but you can’t imprison my mind… I mean business, I am committed to this conversation, and I will be vindicated in time,” Hardison said.

Though Hardison hopes the convictions will get overturned on appeal, he said either way he can run for president… Hardison has said drug laws violate his human rights… reasons for the law to recognize a human right to mental liberty… Hardison, who’s often referred to as a semifamous drug wizard and chemist, is best known for challenging U.S. drug laws and spending time in prison for running a European LSD lab… the law affords only one-sided protection: it systematically protects bodies and brains, but only fragmentarily minds and mental states.

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Casey Hardison is presidential hopeful & Casey Hardison to appeal jail sentence & Criminal law and philosophy
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