Palliative [patients] await August 4th, 2020 decision on psilocybin mushroom approval

Patients like Thomas Hartle from Saskatchewan, Laurie Brooks from Vancouver, BC, and 2 anonymous patients… anxiously await the August 4th [2020] decision, urging the Minister of Health… to do the right thing… urge you to grant the s.56 exemption for these people as soon as possible… it would be a real shame if any of the people requesting the exemption, die before they are given the exemption(Pursuant to s.56 of Controlled Drugs and Substances Act) in order to use psychotropics (specifically Psilocybin or Magic Mushrooms).

As stated by the Office of Controlled Substances… “While exemption applications are considered on a case-by-case basis, these will also be evaluated as a group because of the similar elements of all applications. A completed decision package is targeted to be provided to the DG [Director General], CSD [Canadian Survey on Disability], by August 4, 2020, for all 4 patient requests”…. The Ministry should, of course, consider more lasting solutions than merely allowing a s.56 exemption. Solutions that would allow researchers to investigate the use of such drugs and also other patients, such as those who are severely depressed, and unresponsive to other conventional forms of treatment, to benefit…

Original Article (Therapsil):
Palliative Canadians await august 4th decision on psilocybin mushroom approval – TheraPsil urges health minister to ‘do the right thing’ and Letter from Marcus Powlowski to Minister Patty Hajdu
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