The Sackler deal… will it hold? Oregon Attorney General weighing an appeal…

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum said she was weighing an appeal… the questioning of Sackler in the 337-page deposition centered on Purdue’s marketing of OxyContin. Following the release of the revealing deposition’s contents – which Purdue fought for three years to keep secret… the settlement denies the thousands of plaintiffs – whose lawsuits total a staggering $40 trillion – their day in court…

…[and] also does not require the Sacklers to admit wrongdoing. The decision awarded the Sackler family… who made billions upon billions on Purdue Pharma, sweeping immunity from future opioid lawsuits and allowed them to maintain and conceivably increase their estimated $11 billion fortune… According to CDC data now archived, abuse of opioids cost the U.S. $78.5 billion in 2013 [alone]. If the agreement holds up, funds guaranteed by the Sacklers don’t come close to covering that cost… at least two states and Washington D.C. are preparing appeals over the bankruptcy plan.

Original Article (NBC & Uncoverdc ):
States vow to fight Purdue Pharma bankruptcy plan that shields Sacklers from opioid lawsuits & After fueling opioid crisis, Sacklers to remain billionaires
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