Is LSD the new middle-class dinner party treat?

I am not ready to confront my demons on some 12-hour ayahuasca trip, but I was intrigued to try a little bit of brain hacking of my own. If it is improving the mood and productivity of the professional elite in Silicon Valley, what could it do for me – a writer with a tendency to anxiety and low-level depression?

Not to be confused with microdosing, microdots… are one of the original ways to take LSD (the other common way is as a tab, a piece of blotting paper soaked in the stuff)… About the likelihood of having a bad trip… I came to the conclusion that a bad trip seemed to happen if you were in the wrong mood to start with – which, to my mind, is not so different from any stimulant, alcohol included. I’d be among trusted friends in… [a] beautiful home,

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Is LSD the new middle-class dinner party treat?
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