…implications… shops selling psilocybin mushrooms

No retail mushroom stores are permitted under the [Oregon M109 or M110] law. ButShroom House has at least demonstrated that such a business can exist without hastening the end of civilization.

“We haven’t seen any people admitted to hospitals or arrested; it shows hundreds or thousands of people can purchase psilocybin, go do it themselves and not negatively affect the rest of society… the prices compared to the [iilicit] market weren’t terrible. When you compare a $50 quarter of mushrooms to a $3,000 mushroom trip to Measure 109, it’s pretty obvious why people would prefer [it],” said Evan Segura [former president of Portland Psychedelic Society]. “Oregon’s decrim law is pretty severely limited with respect to psilocybin. It doesn’t allow anyone to grow, forage, sell or give mushrooms…” said Jon Dennis, an attorney.

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The implications of police raids on shops selling psilocybin mushrooms
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