Would you take LSD to give you a boost at work? …a trip inside the world of microdosing

“It is no longer a fad. It is being accepted as a very different way to more safely benefit from psychedelics without any ‘psychedelic effects’,” he says. In such low doses, psychedelics should be viewed more like anti-depressants and cognitive enhancers. “Except you take them far less often.”

Activating the brain: LSD affects the brain’s serotonin, dopamine and adrenoreceptors. The mechanism isn’t clear, but in a 2016 study co-authored by neuroscientist Enzo Tagliazucchi, fMRI scans of LSD users showed an intensification in brain activity, including in how visual information is processed, which may account for the hallucinations and reported creativity. Each participant was given 200 milligrams of mescaline – the equivalent of 100 micrograms of LSD – and left to listen to classical music with their eyes closed for a couple of hours while the drug kicked in. Then, they were let loose on their problems. The results were startling. There were breakthroughs or partial solutions to 40 out of the 44 problems the volunteers were collectively grappling with. “It’s hard to estimate how long this problem might have taken without the psychedelic agent,” reported one scientist who took part in the trial. “But it was the type of problem that might have never been solved. It would have taken a great deal of effort and racking of brains to arrive at what seemed to come more easily during the session.” Tangible innovations to emerge shortly after the psychedelic experience include a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits; a new design for a vibratory microtome; a space probe experiment to measure solar properties; a technical improvement to the magnetic recorder; a new conceptual model of a photon; and a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device.

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Would you take LSD to give you a boost at work? WIRED takes a trip inside the world of microdosing
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