Mistakenly released FDA documents expose pervasive FDA bias against [whole-plant] kratom

The documents were supposed to be routine updates on the status of a large amount of kratom that had been seized under the FDA’s Import Alert in 2016

The FDA staff, who are required by law to be fair, objective, and free from bias — showed they are horribly biased against kratom.  In fact, these documents show how deep and wide the bias in the FDA is against kratom. On July 12, 2018, an FDA staffer sends an email to a superior and asks if she will “create work assignments” so they can conduct additional tests on seized kratom being held under the Import Alert.  What followed was incredible:  “. . . hopefully it will test positive and can get a voluntary destruction.” The FDA staff confirmed that the required testing to justify the original seizure “confirmed the product to be kratom.” That is all that is legally required under the Import Alert. But then the staff points out the testing did not include microbiology testing.  That is the FDA standard for testing foods for contaminants.  It is not a test that is typically done under Import Alert seizures. Then the key question:  “We are testing for micro?” This seizure of kratom was supposed to protect the public from kratom that the FDA has demonized since its first Import Alert on 2012. But then the FDA staffer showed the deep and pervasive bias against kratom itself  “… hopefully linking this product to the ongoing outbreak of Salmonella.”

Original Article (American Kratom Association):
 Mistakenly released FDA documents expose pervasive FDA bias against [whole-plant] kratom
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