Investors are starting to bet big on psychedelic medicine…

Private investment in the space needs to be coupled with research into their social impact…

Liana Gillooly, a development officer at MAPS, a non-profit investigating the therapeutic uses of psychedelics, with an early focus on MDMA as a potential treatment for PTSD. But Gillooly said that funding needs to be set aside for “safe contexts” for these treatments to be administered, and not just for-profit drug development… [After-all] ATAI’s funding, which totals $43 million, comes from Michael Auerbach’s New York-based Subversive Capital, but also includes investors ranging from Apeiron Investment Group, which is Angermayer’s family office; Bail Capital, a private equity firm; and Efrem Kamen, founder of the health care fund Pura Vida Investments. Prior investors include billionaire investor Mike Novogratz and the Icelandic businessman Thor Bjorgolfsson.

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Investors are starting to bet big on psychedelic medicine
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