The whole fungus: for those who do not forget

South America 1599 – To ensure the legality of their deeds, before each military action Velon’s captains read aloud in the presence of a notary pubilc the famous Requirement, a standard legal document exhorting the heathen to accept the true faith.

United States 2007-2017  -Since 2007, The United States DEA has taken 32 billion in cash from people not charged with a crime.

 [But one can often] expect the court to use excessive bails, fines and punishments to pressure you into pleading to a lesser charge. Expect the judge to instruct the jury on how your motivation of special circumstance is not important – even though, under the Constitution, these facts are supposed to be judged as well as the law itself. 

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Magic mushrooms… entourage effect
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