Countess Amanda Feilding has spent 50 years as a pioneer of psychedelics research and altering her own mental state

“In the ’60s, psychedelics weren’t illegal. I got to use and know them very, very well, because that’s really what I was studying and I’ve always used myself as a laboratory. I found I could titrate them and use them by controlling the blood glucose level, and in my opinion, improve performance—improve what I did. That was very exciting. Then they became illegal, which was obviously a terrible mistake.”

“Ultimately, Feilding’s own experiences in consciousness exploration convinced her that humanity could benefit from realistic research into psychedelics and altered states. In 1998, she founded the Beckley Foundation, a drug science and policy think tank responsible for innovating the first study looking at LSD in humans in more than four decades.”

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Countess Amanda Feilding Has Spent 50 Years as a Pioneer of Psychedelics Research and Altering Her Own Mental State
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