[Rose of Paracelsus author], William Leonard Pickard to be released from prison

Pickard’s motion for a reduction of sentence was made in light… “An injustice of this magnitude had to be addressed somehow and today the Judge did so,” said… a good friend of Pickard… [who] along with a small group of “helpers” and countless supporters around the world, have been doing what they can for Pickard’s petition for “reduction in sentence and compassionate release.” 

The Memorandum and Order acknowledges Pickard’s assertions that – at 74 years of age – he does not pose any significant risk to society and has engaged in substantial efforts at rehabilitation, and notes that the government plaintiff has not challenged these assertions. The court concluded that the 20 years served are sufficient for meeting the goals of incapacitation, deterrence, retribution, and rehabilitation… “…exchanged emails with Leonard’s attorney and she told me that she had a good cry today—tears of happiness. She and her former law partner (now deceased) had also represented Leonard at his trial 20 years ago.”

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Breaking: LSD chemist William Leonard Pickard to be released From prison
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